Presentation Notes: 2004-2005

Life of a Barnstable Haunted House

Presented by Paul Bunnell

Presentation Notes by Ellie Darby

Paul Bunnell admits to having had numerous strange encounters while doing genealogical research. He recounted some incidents while he was doing research in New Brunswick, Canada, dealing with some of his early Bunnell ancestors back in the mid-1980s. He showed a photograph with a strange shadow in the background-was it a ghostly figure of an ancestor? A rock he picked up at another place was associated with this ancestor. Both of these were taken to a "Psychic Fair" in Hyannis at a later date where he met a lady who seemed to identify the shadow and tied it in historically with the rock to produce a believer-that it wasn't just happenstance!

He related that he was copying tombstone inscriptions in the Barnstable Old Cobbs Hill Cemetery early one summer morning when he looked up and saw a lady dressed in Victorian garb walking down the street toward him, and when he looked again, she was gone. He swore that this was a true experience.

The Barnstable house of his lecture is located on the north side of Route 6A, just west of the Sturgis Library with 1716 on the chimney. He gave a history of the house including facts that a Dr. Savage lived in the house, hanged himself in the backyard, and is buried in the Cobbs Hill cemetery. It was a restaurant for many years, and now has offices for lawyers and other professionals.

Back in 1985 for a Halloween show, a pair of Boston radio personalities, "Loren and Wally", decided to produce a program from a so called "haunted house" and this particular place was chosen. Paul and his wife were included in the company who would spend the night in the place. He related some of the spooky things that happened that night, including the log that rolled off the fire, and the upstairs room with the playful little girl ghost, "Lucy". Lucy played with a blue ball. Lucy had been forbidden to go to the cellar where the spring was, but she disobeyed and was drowned. Everyone managed to survive the night, but at some later date Paul took friends by when the house was being renovated and found a blue ball in Lucy's closet-so he tossed it back in and left.

Paul believes he's psychic and certainly leads a very serendipitous life. Needless to say, it was all very entertaining and definitely different. Some of our members were somewhat skeptical, and as one said he sure hoped that his lawyer who had an office in the building didn't disappear.

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